Marking has developed across the academy over the last academic year through the use of our bespoke exercise books across every faculty. Books have been specifically designed, by us, to work with our learning cycle and to help our students in the areas they need to improve.

With the improtance of presentational skills and literacy in mind, each book has a set of standards expected printed on the inside of the front cover. The symbols used for marking are also there as well as some examples of common graqmmatical errors - reminding students that literacy is important across the curriculum - not just in English classrooms!

Each book has a series of boxes at the bottom of each page to highlight what students have done well. This may be a response from the teacher, a peer or even the students themselves. Next is a box to show what could have been done better to reach a higher grade, or a challenge for next time to improve work - we even have a box for independent challenge to encourage students to find things out for themselves.

The last box on a page is for Dedicated Improvement and Reflection time. D.I.R.T. This is for students to make corrections, edit their work and begin to show the impact that marking is having on their work. A teacher may comment here and respond to corrections, starting a dialogue with the student. This box can also be used for students to reflect on their learning in the Review part of our learning cycle.



As the learning cycle drives most lessons, then it is appropriate that the last page of the book contains our learning cycle. (See Teaching and Learning page)