SENCO - Abby Austin

I have been the SENCO at De Lacy Academy since 2015. Prior to that I have taught English for the last 11 years at 3 schools within Wakefield. I hold a BA Hons degree from Manchester University.

At the moment, I am working towards a Masters in SEND so that I can support pupils’ needs even more and so that I can do educational testing for exam access arrangements.  I work closely with a range of outside agencies as well as colleagues at school to get the best out of our students.

In school, I am supported by the SEND administrator, Dot Lynch, and I report directly to the Assistant Principal for Inclusion, Emma Twort. I lead a team of seven fantastic Learning Support Assistants and work closely with other staff who support our students.

Before students come to De Lacy, I liaise closely with the Primary SENCOs and Year 6 teachers so that we are able to meet students’ needs. I attend their annual reviews and organise additional visits for students who we feel may benefit from a more in-depth transition programme.

When I’m not doing my SENCO work, I teach English across a range of year groups.  I deliver Fresh Start Phonics, which I have been trained in, to Year 7 and help to monitor students’ reading progress across KS3. In my spare time, I enjoy hitting the shops and looping the loop with my husband and daughter.

If you are the parent of a child with SEND and would like to come and see how we can meet your child’s needs at De Lacy, please get in touch to arrange a tour of our Inclusion provision.

Please see PDF documents attached