Year 11 Mentoring

All students in Year 11 have a mentor who they work with closely to improve their academic performance. Each student in their final year at the Academy chooses a mentor from  the SLT or HOY who they believe will encourage and support them to achieve their potential throughout Year 11.

The mentors and their mentees use academic performance data (radar graphs) to identify areas of underachievement and discuss these areas at weekly mentoring sessions. The session is the focal point of the relationship and is where both members look at simple actions for both to complete before the next meeting. These actions are recorded in a log and in the student’s planner and then reviewed at the next session. The types of actions vary from student to student and can change as the exams approach, for example one student may need to complete their coursework whereas another may need to speak to their teacher about an area of Science such as Proteins which they do not fully understand.

The member of staff also has actions which they need to complete such as speaking to another member or visiting their mentee during the lesson they are struggling in. This action may require the mentor sitting with their mentee for a short space of time to help and support and get them back on track. Each pairing is known to all members of staff and frequent communication goes on between the mentors, teaching and support staff. This information is collated centrally and the mentors use this alongside other information such as year to date attendance, mock exam results and period 7 attendance at each mentoring session. One of the key roles of mentoring is to support the child to be the very best they can be and to wait with anticipation for results day in August.