KS4 Art

Why choose GCSE Art and Design at De Lacy Academy?

Vibrant and dynamic, this GCSE will give you the freedom to learn GCSE Art and Design in ways that inspire and bring out the best in you, whilst equipping you with the skills to continue the subject with confidence at AS, A-level and beyond.

The flexibility of the course means you can tailor your interests into your work You can find out about all our art and design qualifications at aqa.org.uk/art-and-design.

The GCSE aims to inspire, challenge and motivate every student, no matter what their level of ability, while supporting you in developing creative and engaging lessons.

With two components, comprising a ‘Portfolio’ selected from the course of study and an ‘Externally set assignment’, the specification provides you with a range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to develop and explore your personal interests in art and design.

It allows for progression from Key Stage 3 whilst providing a strong foundation for further study at AS and A-level as well as vocational pathways.

To support this progression, the assessment objectives, structure and titles are very similar to those detailed in the AS and A-level Art and Design specification.

Portfolio projects, assignments or briefs can be open-ended or more narrowly focused. There is no restriction on the choice of media, scale or format that students use to reflect and evidence their submissions.

This course will allow you to develop the skills to explore, create and communicate your own ideas.

Students will demonstrate skills through the development, refinement, recording, realisation and presentation of their ideas through a portfolio and by responding to an externally set assignment.

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