We aspire to expose our pupils to a broad and ambitious Modern Languages curriculum, which is rich in skills and knowledge, develops self-efficacy, kindles curiosity and promotes diversity and tolerance of other cultures. Our Modern Languages curriculum will give pupils the opportunity to:

  • use language skills, receptively and productively, for communication in the real world, for practical purposes, for their immediate needs, interests and beyond and to express and justify opinions;
  • develop their confidence and autonomy to access new and unfamiliar language through the use of decoding skills brought about by the explicit teaching of phonics and sound patterns;
  • work towards becoming a fluent and spontaneous speaker of the foreign language.
We encourage all our students to access Languagenut as part of their homelearning package.  Languagenut has been designed to support teachers and students with secondary level language learning and preparation for exams in French.  Languagenut has been a fantastic addition to the language learning at De Lacy. The pupils are constantly asking where they are ranked and are fully engaged with this software. It complements what we do in class brilliantly. Pupils say it makes learning languages interactive and fun and it is easy to use.

Our Year 8 Curriculum Content

The image below explains what our Year 8 students will be learning throughout the year.  To view this in more detail, please click the Year 8 Curriculum Content document below.  To ensure our curriculum is impactful, all our curriculum content is related to our 6 Key Themes. 

Cultural Capital

As part of our curriculum, we ensure that we provide our students the opportunities to broaden their learning through various subject based cultural opportunities.  These vary for each subject but provide an array of activities for both students and families to engage with. These are divided into half term learning opportunities and can be found in the documents below.

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